Family Room Remodel 2010

We started with a small family room with plain white walls.  The goal was to turn the family room into a family office space where three family members could work in their own work areas, yet still be together as a family.

The first challenge was color.  We needed to find a color that went well with existing flooring (laminate in a hardwood design), the cherry color of the office desks, the copper-brown drapes, the powder-room wall color (Sherwin Williams Bittersweet Stem), and the colors in the kitchen (Chocolate Brown and Snickerdoodle) as well, since the kitchen leads into the family room area.  After trying out several samples from the local Sherwin Williams, the client and I decided on Gold Vessel; this is a soft gold tone with a warm feel to it and it goes great with the light wood color of the floor, the cherry furniture, and the light and dark browns in the kitchen…all in all, a very good choice.

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