Welcome to Beautiful Interior Designs.  If you need help with interior design, decorating, furniture selection, and remodeling, let me help you out!

Unlike most interior designers in the business today, I am not affiliated with a large company or furniture store.  What this means for you is that I am only interested in making you happy with my services; I am not going to try to sell you something!  In fact, I’ll help you shop for the best prices from local stores and online.  I only charge for my time and I’m very affordable!

My skills, abilities and expertise in interior design, color selection, décor and staging have been honed over 25 years of working in residential and commercial construction.  I also have experience as a Commercial Cost Estimator and I know how to apply that knowledge and experience in helping you with your home or business interior design.

My approach is very unique, and related to how I was brought into the business.  I worked with an interior designer as an intern in the early stages of my career and was responsible for staging show homes in addition to working with private clients.   With the tutelage of an interior designer I learned about furniture and decor selection and placement, as well as make a room inviting and pulled together.  I also learned other valuable lessons about color, texture and lighting.

I have experience assisting homeowners with staging homes for sale as well as selecting wall colors, flooring, furniture, artwork and other fixtures.

For more information, send an email through the Contact page or you can call me at 831-275-0253 (serious inquiries only please, no sales pitches etc.).

If you should need assistance with your commercial interior space  or your home please contact me; I would love to be of assistance.